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We've all heard the expression of Karma, "What comes around goes around."

The Earth seems like a really big place... but, in fact, it is a closed eco-system with finite resources and limited sustainability.

The easiest way to make sure trash does not end up in the sea is simply to make sure it doesn't get loose on land.  Or, when it does... that you take personal responsibility for the outcome and grab that plastic bag blowing in the wind.

Plastic bags are the most prolific danger we can all do something about.  Start by carrying your own grocery bag to the grocer store... and if you forget, ask for paper bags.  Plastic bags have been outlawed in several cities and even India and China have gone to great lengths to reduce their use.

The big problem with the bags is that they blow directly into the sea eventually, and they don't bio-degrade.  They Photo-Degrade... meaning in sunlight they simply break down into smaller and smaller pieces.  Turtles and Tuna eat the bags when they are whole... but when the pieces get small enough, they simply blend in with the plankton... the bottom of the food chain... and EVERYTHING eats the plankton or the fish that eat plankton.

Some estimages put the percentage content of plastic in the ocean to about 60% versus the plankton.

The Plastic Bagfish!

The Plastic Bag in its UNnatural environment. The 'whole' plastic bag is awful because turtles and other animals swallow the bag whole and never digest it... often are unable to pass it either. What happens to the bag as it Photo-Decays (breaks into smaller pieces) is even worse. This bag will eventually break into thousands of tiny pieces and mix in with Plankton and be consumed by every type of fish in the sea. Current estimates regarding our oceans is that the mix of plastic to plankton is about 60/40... plastic wins... everyone else loses!