Welcome to ORCA Foundation USA

Orca Foundation is currently a privately funded initiative with a goal to become a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation.

We are the "Foundation for Oceanic Research, Conservation and Awareness." ORCA Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization which is dedicated to the promotion of conservation programs, the support of local groups in action and the provider of scholarship programs to certify divers who commit to volunteering time with our conservation dive programs.

ORCA Foundation was founded in 2009 by William Archer, an avid Scuba Diver by hobby and owner of both Archer Design Studio for technology and marketing solutions development and Imagica Productions for creative independent productions of film, video and photography.

After about 50 accumulated hours under water, Archer decided he needed to get busy doing more than recreational diving.  As a supporter of conservation programs on land he could often be found volunteering with organizations to plant trees or to pick up trash.  So, when underwater, he would go out of his way to pick up plastic bags and other types of trash.

During one trip to West Palm Beach, Archer encountered several research scientists who were on a mission to count and categorize the turtle population.  He also encountered volunteers for Palm Beach Reef Rescue and decided that he would do more than volunteer spare time... rather he would make it a mission to raise awareness and funding for such programs and also to create educational materials on various marine life subjects.

Please feel free to contact ORCA Foundation to find out how you can participate in Oceanic Conservation programs all over the world with ORCA and other organizations... and also to find out more about our research and training missions.



ORCA Foundation is currently a Privately Funded Initiative and does not represent 501 (c)(3) status.  We are privately funded by our Founder and by our members.  We chose NOT to file for tax exempt status because we like to have a lot of fun while we save the planet and we didn't want anyone to think we were pulling a fast one.  As our organization grows and the scope of our effectiveness increases, we will likely re-incorporate and file for tax exempt status.  Right now... we're not even trying to raise money.  Just to help working organizations and to produce a new documentary series. (Read More...)



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